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There are times when after the scope of work and work orders have been signed and agreed upon, a previously unforeseen charge must be added on to the original scope of work. This might be because some items were missing, overlooked or incorrectly charged. This step could happen before, during or after the project begins, or even ends.

Thankfully, our experienced supplemental department meticulously checks and re-checks your scope of work for any missing

or damaged items, incorrect pricing, measurement discrepancies,

and contractor overhead and profit. This ensures that your insurance company has priced the job fairly.

Once the corrections are made, you will then receive a revised scope of work along with a check for the supplemental items.



Once you receive your check from your insurance company, it’s possible it may bear your mortgage company as one of the payees. In this situation, you will have to fill out a mortgage authorization form. Worry not, our experts will help you with the same.

This process might involve some paperwork and a visit to the mortgage office. Also, it might cause a minor delay in the start of the restoration work.



The best part of the process begins here. The restoration – when you

see your new house coming together. After your work order with all your carefully picked materials has been processed, we begin ordering the materials.

We base our schedule on the weather during the restoration phase. If it’s too hot, too humid or if there’s more than a 30% chance of rain, the work stops. We’ve always found it better to err on the side of caution than having to hastily tarp up your home in the event of a downpour.

During your install, our expert will be present to ensure the job is running smoothly. And everything is progressing, as it should.


ACV is the Actual Cash Value of your roof. This is calculated based on the age of your roof and its current worth. RCV is the Replacement Cost Value of the same roof today. The depreciation is the difference between the ACV and RCV. This is the 2nd check you receive when the project is completed. It is the costs to replace damaged items on your roof (and/or exterior).



Your home now looks brand new once again. At this point we should mention that we stand by our work completely. It’s why we have a 100% satisfaction rate. But in the event any problem arises, we’re always just a phone call away.

Once your project is complete and you are satisfied with our work, we will come over to pick up the final check and hand over 2 warranties.


These warranties include:

  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty on the materials

  • MSCR Construction and Roofing 5-year Labor warranty

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